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The Big Alpha Update

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   November 2nd 2018 | Category   Announcement

Hey there Cutie Club,

We’ve got two big announcements that we’re excited to share with you today!

CIRCLE Entertainment to publish Alchemic Cutie

We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be teaming up with CIRCLE Entertainment to publish Alchemic Cutie! They’ll be working with us to bring the game to PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch and consoles in 2019. They’ve previously published a lot of awesome games so we’re really excited to be working with them. Make sure to follow @alchemiccutie and @CIRCLE_Ent for weekly updates including screenshots, game details, podcasts and more.

Alpha 23 – the big UI update!

We’ve been working hard since EGX to improve a lot of the game experience so that players can raise their jellies more effectively. To do this, we had to overhaul a lot of the UI so that more information is displayed to the player.

Jelly Quick Info

First you’ll notice the new jelly quick info that allows you to see what items have been fed to the jelly. If you’re using a keyboard/mouse to play, you can drop items to the info window to feed the jelly.

Player’s Notebook

There’s a lot of villagers to meet, jellies to catch and items to collect on Wimba Island. To help players we’ve introduced a new notebook for keeping track of everything. You can see info about every villager you’ve met, what quests they have available, what jellies you’ve caught and more! Over the coming weeks we’ll be updating the notebook with more content.

New Shop UI

We realised that players had a lot of items that they didn’t want to use or keep. However shops could only buy specific items which meant the player’s inventory would become full quickly. Also due to the small scroll area, it was difficult to see what items were available in the shop.

To fix all of these issues, we’ve updated the shop UI to show items in a grid and shops can now buy any item from the player (as long as the shop has money that is!).

New Dialogue UI

In the final game it’s possible that you might talk to several characters at once during cutscenes, so we’ve updated the dialogue UI to allow for us. We’ve also added in the ability to interrupt the NPCs and leave the conversation.

What’s next?

Next week we’ll be working on simplifying the items and their effects based on player feedback from EGX and the previous alpha versions. Once this is done we’ll be adding a new tab to the notebook for keeping track of items and plants that you’ve discovered. We’ve got a lot planned for the rest of the alpha so make sure to follow @alchemiccutie and @CIRCLE_Ent for future updates.