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Development Log #15 – Seasons Are Here!

Author   Iñigo Amezua Elorrieta | Posted On   May 29th 2020 | Category   Development Log

Hey there Cutie Club!

As you saw on the first Wholesome Direct, we’ve finished adding seasons into the game! It took a lot of work but it has really brought Wimba Island to life. Your Jellies and you will enjoy chilly mornings in winter and lazy summer days.

As the seasons progress, different Jellies, resources, items and quests will appear on Wimba Island.

Each season lasts 28 in-game days, with different types of weather and climate changing the environment around you; with new areas becoming accessible. It will hopefully affect your overall mood too 😉


Some days may be rainy others sunny but every spring day gets the jellies in a good mood. Lots of plants start to regrow during this season.


Warm and lazy, still makes everyone go crazy for sunbathing and Jelly swimming competitions. Time to shine swimming Jellies!


Moody afternoons while walking through the forest, relax to the sound of water running and Jellies goofing around. Expect some foggy mornings during this season!


So cold it will make you want to stay home enjoying some hot chocolate and Jellie cuddles by the firepit. Some water areas will freeze over and give you access to new areas (with new Jellies!).

What’s next?

We’re currently hard at work adding in all the quests of the game. The characters are starting to come to life and we’ll be introducing some of them very soon 😊

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