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Development Log #17 – Cute Jelly Competitions!

Author   Iñigo Amezua Elorrieta | Posted On   July 28th 2020 | Category   Development Log

Hey there Cutie Club! We are pumped to share the Jelly Competition update, the perfect way to test your Jelly’s abilities and endurance.  Make them break a sweat and compete for cool awards, but keep in mind, other Wimba Island neighbours may try to compete too!

Competitions are Season-tied events, winter related competitions will not be available during the summer, and will be held only during certain days, so make sure to plan ahead!

During the competitions Jellies will get very hungry, so keep in mind that even they need to rest and fill their tummies up. Different traits are beneficial for different competitions, so your professional swimmer Jelly won’t be winning Jelly Sumo events. 😅

Jelly Vogue

It’s spring time! Make your Jellies perform as amazingly as they are. Compete to collect stars and make sure you are the one with more stars at the end of the competition, that will surely grant you an awesome prize. Being social is always a key aspect of the Vogue competitions.

Jelly Splash

During the heat and laziness of the summer, there is nothing better than cooling off in the sea. That’s exactly what your Jelly will do! Swim in the cool waters of Wimba Island’s shore, and race to the finish line.

Jelly Buffet

Big tummies go a long way, in a buffet competition! Make sure you bring you best eating Jelly and compete to see which of the Jellies can eat all the contents the fastest.

Jelly Sumo

The Jelly Sumo competition is a winter event. We all know that winter is cold, and what better way to warm up than to push other Jellies out of the circle, that surely will get the blood pumping. Of course, the blobbier the Jelly the greater pushing strength it will have!

What’s next?

Currently our main focus is finishing all the quests and improving cutscenes, it won’t be too long until you hear from us again. Stay tuned!

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