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Development Log #18 – Looking Back Into Early Development Alchemic Cutie

Author   Iñigo Amezua Elorrieta | Posted On   September 1st 2020 | Category   Development Log

Hey there Cutie Club! Today we are taking a look into the past of Alchemic Cutie, many things have changed since development started a couple years back. We will look at the changes in the world, the color palet and some of the facelifts that Wimba Island has received through the years.

World Art

The world is one of the most obvious changes, since it affects everything, from the simplest of farmlands to the most intricate of forests. It’s really easy to see how simply changing the colours gave a really different atmosphere to the Island, it went from a desaturated place, to a colourful and charming one.

Another big change to the world was the “cleaning” of the ground textures, making for a much cleaner and less distracting feeling when exploring the island.

Changes to world structures

Along with the colour changes, most of Wimba Island’s structures received a revision, making them more suitable to the simple atmosphere of the island. Some of these structures are: buildings, trees, grass, fences and more. Some of these changes were made not only to suit the environment, but also to help with future modding options, allowing the community to create better and more suitable structures.

On the other hand, the overhaul given to the trees gives the player a better understanding of the surroundings, clearly stating where they can go and where they cannot.

Farmhouse from the Alpha.
Current farmhouse.
Alpha version forest.
Current forest, much denser, cleaner and defined.

Cliff Overhaul

While it might seem like a minor improvement, overhauling how the cliffsides are made gives a ton of options and flexibility to make multiple different shapes. At the same time, it reduces the amount of tiles used for every face of a cliff, which frees up spaces on the tileset for other environment tiles.

Alpha version cliff.
Current version.

Hear it from @vakerics, the artist himself

Sebastien made a video talking much more in depth about the changes mentioned above, make sure to take a look, specially if you plan making something like this on your own, since he gives some insight and reasoning behind them.

What’s next?

The team continues to work hard with the quests, turns out there are more of them than what we thought! 😛

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