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Development Log #20 – Cute birds, crunchy leaves and more!

Author   Iñigo Amezua Elorrieta | Posted On   December 8th 2020 | Category   Development Log

Hey there Cutie Club! We are back with some super cute news. As usual, we love making Wimba Island an enjoyable place, so this time; jelly ghosts, autumn leaves, bugs (the good ones) and even some birds came to the Island.


Everyone wants jellies to be as happy as possible, but if you treat your jellies badly and make them sad, there is a surprise in store! When a Jelly gets old and sad, after turning into a relic, it won’t drop a crystal. On top of that, they will come back to haunt everyone on Wimba Island. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to help them leave the ghost state, so keep an eye out!

Fallen Leaves

Is there anything comfier than the sound of crunchy fallen leaves while taking a stroll through a forest. Well, clearly taking a stroll with your jelly and the sound of crunchy fallen leaves. 😝 From now on, during fall season on the Island, fallen leaves will make small piles near trees and pathways.


Life comes to the Island in form of cute bugs. If you play them a song, they will hint the player to follow them, and who knows, maybe even guide them to a nearby jelly, or something more secret! Each season will have unique bug spawns, such as moths in autumn, dragonflies during spring and summer, butterflies, fireflies and flies. The latter being present during the whole year!


Flocks of birds will fly, rest and wander around the Island, they will also fly away when startled by a player, jellies or music; so, enjoy looking at them from a distance.

What’s next?

We’re just about to be finished content completion which means we’ll be spending time fixing bugs and putting the finishing touches on everything. Stay tuned, as there’ll be some big announcements soon!

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