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ID@Xbox Indie Showcase

Author   Iñigo Amezua Elorrieta | Posted On   March 27th 2021 | Category   Announcement

Yesterday we had the chance to enjoy hours of indies thanks to ID@Xbox and Twitch. A big thank you to the Xbox team for giving us and other indies such a big feature!

In case you missed the Alchemic Cutie Xbox announcement previously, check it out below!

Also, here is the full video of the event, because maybe somehow you still haven’t seen it 😉

Even if Alchemic Cutie wasn’t the star of the show, we had the opportunity to check out many cute games that we are looking forward to. Here are some of our favourite ones!

Princess Farmer

Princess farmer is a game made by White Thorn Games about a regular farmer that one day wakes up under the Gaia Tree. Now through the magic of Mother Gaia, she can hoist up whole rows of veggies with ease to make matches and smash obstacles. You can play the game alone, co-op and even with an AI companion. Meet adorable characters and creatures along the way. Make combos! Smash rocks! Win hearts!

Moonglow Bay

The journey of a rookie angler, struggling to fulfil your partner’s final wish by keeping a business afloat in the face of impending bankruptcy, brought to us by Bunnyhug. Whether playing solo or with a friend in local co-op, you’ll need to cook your catch of the day, then sell a variety of recipes to upgrade your shop, gear, and fishing boat. Moonglow Bay combines a playful voxel art style with a sumptuous soundtrack, which will surely make this a journey to be remembered.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Set in a Mediterranean island, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, sets the player on the shoes of Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. She is ready for a peaceful summer of wildlife exploration with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in danger, she realises she needs to do something about it. Find species, gather volunteers to help and explore a handcrafted island full of places to discover!

An awesome game made by the people at Ustwo games!


Clouzy is a joyful experience, created by Tiny Moon, were you are accompanied by a super cute flying pet, live your own adventure while exploring a colorful world and all its diverse biomes! Make sure to collect all the different fruits scattered around, with these you will be able to cook delicious fruits and feed your cloud.

Little Witch in the Woods

The little witch Ellie goes to work as an apprentice in a witch’s house to graduate witch school. This is the story of her trying to get good grades for her graduation, expertly crafted by Sunny Side Up!

While developing the village, collect resources, explore the fascinating areas around the village and even connect with the ecosystem of plants and animals that inhabit the woods. The amount of possibilities will surely make Little Witch in the Woods a worthwhile experience for fans a similar games.

What’s next?

The team are working hard polishing the game, tweaking content and fixing bugs! We’ll have more announcements and reveals as we approach launch!

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