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Development Log #21 – Launch Content Overview

Author   Iñigo Amezua Elorrieta | Posted On   April 3rd 2021 | Category   Announcement, Development Log

Hey there Cutie Club! For a long time, especially after the Xbox announcement, many of you have asked about the content that will be playable on launch.

If you haven’t been keeping up with our development logs, this post will show all that Alchemic Cutie will have to offer, but remember, Alchemic Cutie will also have a foundation for further content and updates!


There is so much stuff to do all over Wimba Island, you will be enjoying the beautiful sights and calm forests for a while, so make yourself at home. With over 150 quests, unique side quests for different NPCs, jelly deliveries and even some weekly item delivery quests. So, get comfy, grab some snacks and get ready to bond with Yvette throughout Wimba Island’s many adventures!

Completing main quests will take quite longer than most other quests, but completing them will unlock access to different areas all over the Island, opening up many more exploration options and new items.

If you ever feel like taking a break from the main storyline or from the many side quests, you can always take a look into the jelly delivery and item delivery quests. These quests will give you a reason to explore the island while getting some cool rewards in exchange.


The Codex will be one of your best travelling tools, storing information from your adventures and the items you find during them. With the codex you can always take a look at everything you have found and all it’s related information, just in case you need to remember it’s use. You will also be aware of everything you are missing out on, so give it a look from time to time.

On the other hand, the Cutiedex will keep track of… Well, the cute jellies, of course! It will store the different shapes and colors of jellies you have found, of which there are plenty. Keeping an eye on the Cutiedex will help you decide whether to catch or not the next cutie you come across.

Seasons and Weather

Seasons and weather changes are a must in these type of games. Each season lasts 28 in-game days and change access to different areas of the Island. Weather isn’t the only thing that will change every season, some jellies will only be available during certain seasons, so make sure take some time to wander around. Maybe you’ll find the cutest Jelly you’ve ever seen!

You can read further about seasons in their own Dev Log right here!

Jellies and Jelly Caring

Jellies! The cutest of all Wimba Island’s inhabitants and your best companions for all the adventures to come. There are up to 32 Jelly shapes and 32 different colours to mix up, allowing for some extremely cute and unique jellies. But wait, there’s more! Jellies can also wear fashionable accessories, and thanks to our awesome discord community there are a ton of cute, imaginative and quirky accessories to customize your favourite Jellies.

Taking care of your Jelly is quite an important task. Jellies need food, love (cuddles) and overall happiness to be the best Jelly they can. Items and diet can impact your Jelly’s growth and development, these stats being “Blob”, “Tummy” and “Social”. The nature of your Jelly will also impact the stat levelling and their special behaviours.


Wholesome competitions for your Jellies happen on Wimba Island and will reward you with awesome items. But keep in mind, other Wimba Island villagers will bring their Jellies and compete too.

Competitions are Season-tied events, meaning that not all the competitions will be available at once, so make sure to ask around and plan ahead if you want a chance to win.  Another thing worth remembering about competing is that Jellies will get really hungry, don’t forget to fill their tummies up and give them some rest before the competition.

You probably expect this already, but the different traits each Jelly can have will impact their performance on different tasks, so don’t expect your professional swimmer to win any Sumo events.

At launch players will have the option to take part on four different competitions, Jelly Vogue, Jelly Splash, Jelly Buffet and Jelly Sumo. These competitions will be available during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter respectively.

For even more information about the Jelly Competitions make sure to take a look at this Development Log!

Shrines, Temples and Shortcuts


Temples are the main roadblock players will encounter while exploring the Island. Shrines in the area must be completed in order to enable the temple, allowing the player to access the next area in the world.


Shortcuts should be used to avoid long walks to places you’ve already been to, progressing through the map will give you access to different and better ones. To activate a shortcut, you must place a relic on the correct side of it, this will leave it permanently active. On Wimba Island shortcuts are so cute you might as well activate them just for the animation.


Shrines are directly connected to temples, and are the main way of progressing through Wimba Island, allowing the player to access different zones of the island. You will have to find and complete all the different Shrines in the area before being able to travel to the next one. For a shrine to be activated, the player will need to use a relic, so if you reach a shrine without one, well, bad luck, time to do the whole trip again.  If you thought world progression was everything shrines accomplish… there’s more! Yvette’s alchemy skills improve with every shrine you complete.


Alchemic Cutie’s soundtrack is produced by extremely talented composer Dale North. Here, enjoy a sweet preview before listening to the whole thing in game.

What’s next?

We have a lot of bugs to fix and small improvements. Our team will be working hard to make sure the game is as best as it can be for launch 😉

In case you haven’t already, you can stay in touch and keep up to date with us through our newsletter, by wishlisting us on Steam or joining our Discord!