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Update 1.0.6

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   October 10th 2021 | Category   Announcement

Hey there Cutie Club!

Update 1.0.6 is available now on Xbox and includes the following improvements and fixes 🙂 If you find any bugs, or have ideas for improvements, we’ve added a new channel on our Discord.


  • Improve performance on Xbox One/S/X
  • Improve quest tracking in Notebook + World Map
  • Improve Notebook close button consistency
  • Improve audio feedback when feeding Jellies
  • Hidden Items + Resource Nodes will bounce towards player when using alchemy on them
  • Changed egg to inherit highest max food value from parents


  • Fix save files randomly not displaying on Load/Save view after overwriting a save
  • Fix Yvette sometimes “bouncing” when exiting a building
  • Fix Qwirb randomly softlocking the game when petting him
  • Fix some Jelly delivery quests incorrectly starting via mailbox
  • Fix Jelly bag icon not hiding in Notebook for non-bag Jellies
  • Fix crystal HUD not updating after buying storage
  • Fix Jelly breeding not cancelling when feeding them a Smooch Doom
  • Fix Notebook/Shop showing incorrect stat icons for some items
  • Fix in-water effect showing at river/pond edges + shrines
  • Fix Dibble saying wrong dialogue when receiving Spirit Spotter quest for the first time
  • Fix Jellies moving when turning to Relics
  • Fix partially depleted quantity-based Resource Nodes showing wrong sprite on load game
  • Fix firefly light source not unloading correctly
  • Fix birds getting stuck in a looped state when colliding with them at 5am
  • Fix memory leak when a lot of Jellies land at same time on farm