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Update 1.0.7

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   October 14th 2021 | Category   Announcement

Hey there Cutie Club!

Update 1.0.7 is available now on Xbox and includes the following improvements and fixes 🙂 As always if you find any bugs or have any ideas on how we can improve the game, post on our Discord.


  • Jellies now drop their accessories + items when turning to Relics
  • Jellies that disappearing during the ‘poofening’ now leave behind some crystals and items


  • Fix crash when you leave a conversation with a NPC while an emote is clearing and then talk to the NPC again
  • Fix Eggs/Relics/Jellies sometimes getting stuck when dropping them near collisions
  • Fix ghost sometimes not showing up for Spirit Spotter quest
  • Fix ‘Leave’ option being disabled for all dialogue besides greeting
  • Fix wild jellies not being removed from saved game state when de-spawning