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Update 1.1 is out now!

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   December 17th 2021 | Category   Announcement

Hey there Cutie Club,

We have a (little late) holiday gift for everyone today! 🥳 Update 1.1 is out now on Steam & Xbox and includes a lot of new features, improvements and fixes!

Wimba Island Shrines

Shrines weren’t challenging and didn’t require players to do much besides feed jellies. Each shrine now requires relics of different shapes and colors.

Still missing a few relics…

The shapes and colors required change each season. Happy hunting!

Your progress for each shrine is displayed on the right side of your screen. But only for shrines you have found! And don’t worry! You won’t lose your progress by updating the game or changing seasons.

Competition Improvements

Competitions can now be entered in any season in the morning or afternoon. To enter, go to the competition grounds and use the sign with the trophy icon above it. You can bring a jelly or select one using the new competition popup.

Looks like we might need some more preparation…

This displays your opponent, how their skills compare to yours, and what prizes you can win. Progress is tracked per jelly, so you’ll need to raise one that can go from rookie to grand champion in one go!

Weekly Delivery Improvements

You don’t have to speak to Gabby to finish a weekly item delivery. The delivery can be completed by using the farm storage once the delivery deadline has passed.

We also added a notebook tab to help you track your item delivery progress.

Still a lot left on my list to find…

Fast Travel

You can fast travel not only to the farm but also to temples that you have discovered. This will reduce backtracking when you just want to get somewhere instead of harvesting items or jellies on the way.

Fast travel by opening the Map tab of the notebook, then using the fast travel hotkey. You can then select which location to fast travel to. Fast travel now passes time based on how far you travel.

Keyboard Improvements

Keyboard hotkeys are now more consistent across every UI. We also made adjustments to the default keyboard control layout based on feedback with a focus on comfort during longer play sessions.

And more!

We’ve added over 40 fixes and improvements.

Thank you for sticking with us and be sure to give us your feedback on our Discord server 🙂



  • Improve competitions with more challenging NPC AI
  • Improve keyboard hotkeys throughout UI
  • Improve competition rewards with more rare items
  • Improve shrine game mechanics. Shrines now require players to find specific Jelly colors + shapes.
  • Camera will now pan to farm during poofening
  • Allow competitions to be started in any season and from the competition location instead of from NPCs
  • Gabby will come to farm to give shipment rewards if not collected from shop
  • Add Item Shipment tab to Notebook
  • Add window to preview competitors and select Jellies for competitions
  • Add multiple NPC tracking for quests for Dibble/Titus objectives
  • Add ‘M’ hotkey to open map
  • Add ‘Give Up’ button to competitions
  • Add shift + click action to move items between storage windows
  • Add right-click to take 1 item from a stack
  • Add notification when Jellies on farm are sad or hungry
  • Lost and Found now collects crystals too


  • Fix NPCs sleep walking in some scenarios
  • Fix camera sometimes getting stuck during cutscenes
  • Fix pull animation not working during Jelly Splash
  • Fix competition NPCs not resuming schedules
  • Fix brief frame stutter after clicking Continue or Load Game
  • Fix crash when player touching a released Jelly
  • Fix crash when pausing during some cutscenes
  • Fix Jelly eyes disappearing during some trait notifications
  • Fix Charity quest not being marked as completed if Talk to Vira objective is skipped
  • Fix breeding crash when archive trait is the last trait
  • Fix duplicate hotkey icon in Notebook
  • Fix some SFX not playing in Notebook
  • Fix transparent overlay not showing in Quest Details page
  • Fix crash when transmute marked grass was removed by world streaming
  • Fix various crashes during longer play sessions