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Update 1.2 is out now!

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   March 18th 2022 | Category   Announcement

Hey there Cutie Club,

We have a lot of new features, improvements and fixes in our latest Update 1.2. Take a look…

Jelly Color Breeding & Mixing

We have added in another 32 colours for our Jellies totaling a number of 64 colors!

Jelly colors will now combine if you breed different color jellies. Use Smooch Blooms to make two jellies fall in love and watch the color mixing unfold.

Also, each Jelly now will poop their retrospective colored jelly beans. So if you see some colored beans in the wild you might find a color you haven’t caught yet 👀

Item Delivery Improvements

We have updated the Item Delivery schedule. You now have the whole season to complete all 4 deliveries at your own pace.

Once you complete an item delivery you can collect the reward and the following delivery item list will be available.

If you complete all 4 Item Deliveries for that season, Gabby will reward you with a Unique Item… 👀 Don’t worry if you have completed all 4 shipments for previous seasons before updating. You will be rewarded with the new Unique Items for those season(s) when you continue your save.

Wild Jelly Info

The first trait of a Wild Jelly will always appear when you charm them. It’s also possible to see the other traits and stats of a Jelly before you catch them. But you’ll need a Jelly with a certain trait in your backpack for that… 🙃


  • Added Jelly color mixing when breeding jellies
  • Added an emote for Morning, Afternoon and Evening meal time
  • Added background to hotkeys
  • Added Dialogue for when player walks up to Wubba Temple for the very first time
  • Added storage waypoint for tracking shipment quests
  • Added unique reward for finishing all deliveries for a season for the first time.
  • Added tutorial arrow when Desmond is talking about alchemy stamina
  • Allow pass through NPCs when player is sprinting
  • Allow interrupting Jellies when they are singing by pressing “Pet”
  • Jellies will now hatch with egg shell hats
  • Delivery deadlines are now per season instead of per week. Up to 4 deliveries can be completed each season.
  • Made shipment tab consistent with storage display
  • Updated tutorial to teach player the tracking functionality
  • Increased quest map marker blink duration
  • Tracked quest will always animate in Notebook
  • Highlight highest opponent by default in competition window
  • Allow player to see first trait of wild jellies without friend finder trait
  • Updated Desmond dialog when discussing Item Shipments
  • Adjusted map marker for Bort Temple key


  • Fixed jelly emotes not clearing when picked up and put into pouch while playing an emote
  • Fixed Space and Enter not working as select buttons in pause menu
  • Fixed issue with delivery quests being marked as completed if nothing was delivered
  • Fixed star items showing incorrect background before being completed
  • Fixed delivery rewards being dropped to the ground if storage has space
  • Fixed incorrect notebook tab sometimes showing during the notebook tutorial
  • Fixed positioning of tutorial messages and pointers
  • Fixed tutorial UI displays not updating position when resolution is changed
  • Fixed next/prev page hotkey placement
  • Fixed player marker not being centered
  • Fixed YebYeb and Bort Temples sometimes not unlocking as fast travel points correctly