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Update 1.3 + Switch/PlayStation update!

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   October 31st 2022 | Category   Announcement

Hey there Cutie Club,

We have a lot of new features, improvements and fixes in our latest Update 1.3. We also have an update on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation versions.

Nintendo Switch & PlayStation Releases

We had a demo of the Switch version running at PAX West at the PM Studios booth.

Alchemic Cutie @ PAX 2022

We’ve been working hard on the Switch and PlayStation versions of the game. A lot of people have been waiting on the releases on these platforms. There are two reasons for the delayed releases:

First, the team has had to scale back to only working on the game at weekends as we needed to go back to full-time contract work to help keep the lights on 😢

Second, we ported version 1.1.0 to Switch and found that it did not have good performance. As a result, we’ve had to rewrite several parts of the game engine to perform better on the hardware. Some of these changes also depended on new versions of third-party libraries that we were waiting on a final release of.

However, we’re happy to report that the game will be running at 60FPS at launch with buttery smooth animations 👀

We are excited to finally be launching both digitally and physically on PlayStation and Switch in the new year 🥳

Jelly Codes

Want to share a Jelly with a friend? We’ve introduced Jelly Codes – a 32 character passcode for trading jellies.

Use Jelly Codes to trade with your friends

Bring your Jelly to Gabby and she can take your Jelly and give you a code in return. If your friend gave you a code, Gabby can take that code and give you a Jelly in return.

Jelly Names

Many players wanted to give different names to Jellies. We’ve now added a hotkey to rename your Jelly.

Rename your jellies

Permanent Jellies + Jelly Relics

We had a lot of requests from players who wanted to keep some of their Jellies forever. In this update, we’ve changed how the Jelly Relic system works to allow you to decide which Jellies will turn into relics.

Jellies will no longer automatically turn into relics as you feed them items. Instead, when their relic meter is full, the Jellies will sparkle. Playing your flute 3 times on a sparkling Jelly will turn them into a relic.

Jelly Traits

Now that the relic system has changed, we had to change how the trait system worked. Now when a Jelly trait activates, the relic meter will decrease.

We also had to update several traits to match these changes; so make sure to read your notebook.


  • A lot of performance improvements!
  • Replace MonoGame with FNA on Xbox
  • Add rumble feedback on game controller
  • Add Jelly renaming and Jelly codes
  • Update Jelly relic & traits systems
  • Add Jelly relic tutorial for updated system
  • Jellies now sparkle at max relic meter
  • Focus new item on pickup when hotbar is empty
  • Sort notebook map waypoints based on Y position
  • Codex details unlock through gameplay
  • Display sad icon in notebook when over farm limit
  • Display sad icon in HUD when over farm limit
  • Improve item hover feedback in bag
  • Default to newest objective first in quest details
  • Default to sorted by title in Cutiepedia
  • Implement auto-pickup while running (hold action key)
  • Add cooldown timer to Friend Finder Activated notification
  • Show base item value in shop
  • Improved relic meter colors in quick info


  • Fixed jelly abilities activating when sleeping
  • Fixed jelly balloon jitter
  • Fixed infinite alchemy combo in certain conditions
  • Fixed digest time label including speed modifier
  • Fixed competition hotkey showing B instead of X
  • Fixed precision loss in fade in/out effects on consoles
  • Fixed issue when camera shake and fade out are running simultaneously
  • Fixed Moonsick No More achievement not unlocking via remove trait
  • Fixed Moonsick No More achievement not unlocking via breeding
  • Fixed Applause trait not working in certain conditions
  • Fixed Hidden Power achievement not unlocking in certain conditions
  • Fixed Master Rancher achievement not unlocking in certain conditions
  • Fixed Gerba’s landfill achievement not unlocking at 25/50 completion
  • Fixed Crystal SFX is played 3 times for 1 crystal pickup
  • Fixed shrine HUD not refreshing on season change
  • Fixed bloom weather not rendering particles
  • Fixed island texture positioning on title screen
  • Fixed jelly quick info stat bar overflowing in certain conditions