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Update 1.3.2 + Shipping Updates

Author   Thomas Cashman | Posted On   April 20th 2023 | Category   Uncategorized

Hey there Cutie Club,

We small update with some fixes and an update on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation shipping dates.

Nintendo Switch & PlayStation Shipping Updates

The shipping dates for both platforms slipped a little bit as we had a few bumps in the road going through final platform certification 😅

Switch has been fully certified and has gone to manufacturing and shipping now. We’re hoping for PlayStation to finish certification this week (1 annoying bug has been hard to squash) and it will go straight to manufacturing and shipping.

Update 1.3.2

We skipped 1.3.1 to combined everything into a 1.3.2 update. The update is mainly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements based on completing the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation versions of the game.


  • A lot of performance improvements!
  • Hidden Power achievement now just requires a total level of 75
  • Shiny Shaver now just requires 10,000 crystals


  • Fixed Caught Them All not unlocking through item effects
  • Fixed wild jellies unlocking the Hidden Power achievement
  • Fixed Jelly getting stuck transforming when trait decreases relic meter
  • Fixed hover texture issue on bottom HUD buttons
  • Fixed JellyQuickInfo not clearing on unfocus
  • Fixed birds getting stuck while landing